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eOne Have ‘Passion’ for Brian De Palma’s Newest Film

Written by on September 24, 2012 

Update: As Variety reports, eOne, who recently released Cosmopolis, will actually be releasing Passion in early 2013. Though it’s good to have this hitting rather soon, it almost certainly means that De Palma‘s latest thrill ride won’t be coming to quite as many theaters or, for that matter, probably not on VOD. You can read the original story below.

Look, look: I know that Passion is “supposed” to be bad.

We gave it a pretty harsh look in our review from Toronto, and the other critics haven’t been much kinder. Holding out hope here is kind of a losing battle. All the same, I’m a guy who’s liked every post-Snake Eyes entry into his lurid canon — yes, even [insert film made since then] — often, at once, finding myself a bit confused as to why people can’t enjoy whatever Brian De Palma is really cooking under the surface of it all. So, yes, I’m still excited.

And I’m all the happier to read, courtesy of THR, that Passion is about to find a home with IFC. As far as we’re aware, no release window has been laid out — my guess would be this coming spring, but what do I even know — so if you have the same reaction upon hearing such (great) news, it’s probably for the best to calm down one second. But, yes, you can still be thrilled.

Critics be damned! Noomi Rapace and Rachel McAdams should make a great onscreen cat-and-mouse teaming, the trailer is a lot of fun, and it has the right makings of a sleazy De Palma tale. I regret none of these hopes.

Despite all the negative reactions, are you still hoping to see Passion?

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