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Watch: IFC Deliver the Goods with Clips from ‘Like Someone in Love’ and ‘Frances Ha’

Written by on February 12, 2013 

Unless you’ve been lucky enough to partake in Film Society’s amazing repertory series, it is this Friday when Abbas Kiarostami comes back into theaters. In the midst of both a sudden reappraisal and enjoyable artistic investigation — these sorts of events can have that effect — we mustn’t lose sight of its center: Like Someone in Love.

As a sign of pending release, a pair of clips have debuted at The New York Times and ThePlaylist. Regardless of how much I’m anticipating this film, I think I’ll skip these for myself: unless we’re talking about a video essay, it doesn’t seem at all proper to ingest Kiarostami with entire scenes presented as a single piece. (Part of this sentiment could stem from having just seen a back-to-back-to-back presentation of his sublime Koker Trilogy.) Patience is a virtue with this man in more ways than one.

But, if you can’t wait for Like Someone in Love to hit theaters and VOD on Friday, have a look for yourself:

That’s not all we have from IFC, however. Our first moving peek at Noah Baumbach‘s black-and-white, Greta Gerwig-starring Frances Ha is here, and, though brief, is a nice thing to gaze upon nonetheless. I’ll admit that the 40-second footage doesn’t actually offer much to discuss off the bat, so it’s best to just watch for yourself; unlike Love, this is probably okay without any set-up.

Frances Ha will open in limited release on May 17th. A preview can be seen below (via Apple):

Which clip(s) do you prefer? Are you looking forward to either film?

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