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Hugh Jackman Leading Denis Villeneuve’s ‘Prisoners’

Written by on March 15, 2012 

In the conclusion of a search that’s lasted the better part of six months, Variety reports that Denis Villeneuve (Incendies) has selected Hugh Jackman to lead his English-language debut, Prisoners. The same actor who, believe it or not, was attached to star in this very project for Antoine Fuqua some years ago — here we are now, with a new director at the helm.

Written by Aaron Guzikowski (Contraband) the story revolves around Keller Dove, a father who abducts and tortures a man he suspects of having kidnapped his daughter and her best friend. As you might expect from this sort of narrative, however, Dove finds himself “up against the big city detective” during his own investigation; expect that to end with fisticuffs and some sort of moral grandstanding. Production will start at the end of this year — after The Wolverine finally wraps — while a November 2013 opening is on the mind of the Warner Bros. folks.

Although Alcon producers Andrew Kosove and Broderick Johnson shouldn’t be taken at face value when they call Jackman the perfect pick for “an everyman who rises to an occasion most of us could not imagine possible,” I, regardless, truly agree with them. After all, one of the finest qualities he brings to every role — i.e., discounting the immortal mutant with metal, retractable claws — is a, for lack of a better term, everyman quality that makes him a good screen presence. Seeing him get a little more dirty with some torture? It should be interesting, nonetheless. With a little luck, it’ll also be better than Incendies.

Is Jackman the right choice for this film?

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