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Hans Zimmer Boards the Ship for Christopher Nolan’s ‘Interstellar’

Written by on June 3, 2013 

By now, the loud, bombastic, string-filled music of Hans Zimmer has ingrained itself in the filmography of Christopher Nolan, whose own recent work — i.e., the Batman films and Inception — is taken to new heights when sound and image collide like so. No matter how enjoyable it is to see their narratives click together, regardless of how towering that IMAX presentation may feel, could you imagine those movies without this kind of accompaniment?

And so it is only fine news when Zimmer reveals that the collaboration will live on. Speaking to Collider about the release of Man of Steel — to which the composer has lent another superhero set — he was rather clear: something’s already scribbled down, other things are being put to paper, and, eventually, a whole mess of music is going to come out of it. Interstellar, with its worm holes and time travel and space ships, is likely to mark something of a deviation from Nolan‘s previous work, thus opening the question of how a musical approach might differ from past efforts — much of which depends on the script’s content, and that is not a matter any of us have been made privy to. Nevertheless, expectations remain strong.

Expect Zimmer to return for a Man of Steel sequel, by the way, though Justice League remains unclear for all potential participants. At a junket this weekend, Zack Snyder expressed some ambivalence about doing the big superhero team-up, saying “you’ve got to get Superman further down the road,” and without any sequels officially announced… it could take some time. Warner Bros. and DC remain unsure as to what should be done.

Interstellar will open on November 7, 2014.

Are you pleased to see Zimmer and Snyder back together?

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