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‘Hanna’ Scribe Seth Lochhead to Write ‘Shadow of the Colossus’ for Josh Trank

Written by on January 7, 2013 

Since Josh Trank has heroic duties to attend to, it’ll be some time — four years at the earliest, I’d say — before his Shadow of the Colossus movie sees a theater screen. This is of seemingly little concern to Sony, however, since THR have learned that Seth Lochhead (Hanna) is making himself the newest man for this job. A colossal job, you might even say?

One truly terrible pun notwithstanding, that still stands as a worthwhile question. Justin Marks had already drafted a screenplay, and the wording in THR’s article indicates, to me, that Lochhead and Trank are going to be working from that. There could always be pros and cons to such an approach, but, having not been told a good deal about what’s been penned, I’ll hold off on any such comments for the time being. No matter what, it’s likely to be the same story: a boy, Wander, hopes to rescue his lost love, Mono, and attempts to revive her by traveling across his mythical land in search of 16 large creatures, colossi.

Here lies a unique proposition for creative minds. Although this is typically seen as a standout example of the video game as an emotional force, Shadow of the Colossus doesn’t have much in its narrative structure, save for the systematic slaying of these creatures. Judging purely on the game’s art, it won’t be hard for Trank and company to make a film which looks beautiful; he and Lochhead have a different challenge altogether when it comes to making one that has emotional resonance. For the project’s own sake, I’m praying Hanna was nothing but a creative outlier.

Is Shadow of the Colossus going in the right direction?

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