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Gus Van Sant Working on Martial Arts-Based Superhero Script

Written by on November 28, 2012 

For a bit there — immediately after Restless flopped late last year, you could say — Gus Van Sant fell off our radar. But a new movie has him back, so, if for nothing else, we can thank Promised Land (and its current awards campaign) for bringing one of American cinema’s last true independents into the discussion once again. While development has already sparked on a Finding Forrester-esque, Tom Hanks-starring drama, word on a much different effort is starting to fly in — though, come to think of it, saying this is “much different” than what you’d expect is faulty. After all, it’d only imply he’s an easy guy to pin down in the first place.

When speaking to Movieline, the director announced currently-underway work on a martial arts movie — inspired by Stephen Chow, the writer and director best-known for Kung Fu Hustle — that has a bit of superhero DNA in it, too. Maybe something like The Avengers, as it focuses on a company of normal folks who work up the will to take on crime. In one specific area, however: “Hollywood Boulevard and Gower, near the Pep Boys sign.” It might (probably will) expand, but Van Sant got his idea after encountering an old woman in that section of the city; though she appeared to be “very frail,” it occurred to him that she may possess a secret, immense strength.

In one way or another, he decided to write a movie about her. Personally, this writer has a feeling — just that, for it’s only at the start of things — that we’ll want to thank her in a few years’ time.

Is this an interesting turn of events for the director? Do you have any curiosity as to what may come of it all?

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