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Guillermo del Toro Gives Updates On ‘Pacific Rim,’ ‘At the Mountains of Madness,’ and ‘Hellboy 3’

Written by on June 27, 2011 

Guillermo del Toro left The Hobbit and had At the Mountains of Madness collapse, but he’s still kept himself a busy man. He has Don’t Be Afraid of the Dark — which he co-wrote and produced — coming out on August 26th, and will see his next film, Pacific Rim in 2013.. Speaking to various sources today, he revealed details on what he’s doing right now, what he still wants to get done, and what we may or may not see from him next.

First, he told STYD some more about both Pacific Rim and the possibility of a third Hellboy. One of the things people are anticipating the most about the former is the monsters that humans will be fighting with giant mech suits. Don’t forget, he’s someone who’s known for letting his imagination take him to fascinating places (cinematically speaking), where all kinds of creature designs that seemingly only a crazy man could imagine come to life. When asked about them, he described them by saying:

“Huge. This is my most un-modest film, this has everything. The scale is enormous and I’m just a big kid having fun.”

Also brought up was Hellboy 3, which comic writer Mike Mignola said last week would never happen. del Toro doesn’t seem entirely pessimistic about the movie’s prospect’s, saying that he wants to direct it, but still doesn’t seem wholly convinced that it will get made. He gave the following quote about the potential of it coming to fruition:

“By the time I get to it and by the time we got Ron [Perlman] back, he’ll be a HellMAN and in a wheelchair.”

He also added that he still wants to direct Frankenstein, which he’s been talking about for years at this point. Bear in mind that he has so many projects in development right now, so I want to keep things just a little manageable.

He then said a little more about Rim to Collider, and when asked how it was going, he responded by saying:

“Fantastic. I mean so far, knock on wood, it’s the greatest experience of my life. I’m having a blast, designing like crazy. I’m now hiring actors, which is always a good sign, always a great sign when you’re casting. We’re announcing a release date today or tomorrow, which makes it real also. The other thing that we’re heading towards is an impeding start date the first week in November, so we have 20 weeks to start shooting the biggest giant monster movie ever made.”

The movie is assembling an interesting cast, one that already has Charlie Hunnam in the lead as a mech pilot, Idris Elba in a role originally written for Tom Cruise, and Charlie Day possibly playing a professor. Deadline tells us that Warner Bros. will be releasing the movie on July 12th, 2013, and you can read a description of Travis Beacham‘s script below, which takes place across two worlds:

“The first is an alternate version of Earth in the near future, decades after a historic date in November 2012 when the first kaiju, a towering Godzilla-like beast, emerged from a hole in the Pacific Ocean and attacked the city of Osaka, Japan. The second is “The Anteverse,” another universe on the other side of that gaping portal, 5 miles below our ocean’s surface. Since the first attack, the rim has been “spitting out” a variety of gigantic monsters at an increasing rate, which then stride out of the ocean and begin destroying sea-bordering cities, like Tokyo and Los Angeles. In order to combat these monstrous, otherworldly menaces, the military developed the “Jaeger” program, which trains teams of two pilots to jointly operate massive, building-sized mechanized suits of armor and high-tech weaponry.”

Then there’s At the Mountains of Madness. Based on H.P. Lovecraft‘s beloved novella of the same name and set to be produced by James Cameron, the 3D epic would have the filmmaker tackling one of the most legendary monsters in the history of fiction, Cthulhu. Tom Cruise was even close to taking the lead role, but it fell apart right before things really got moving, with the budget and R rating being cited as the main problems.

But it may not be dead. Talking to HeroComplex (via /Film), he seems extremely determined to get this made at some point, and his quote illustrates that resilience:

“‘Mountains of Madness’ has been with me for 13, 14 years and I really don’t want to give up on it. Look, the movies I do, I stick with them when I think, well, if I don’t do it, nobody will. … ‘Hellboy,’ if I hadn’t done it, I don’t think anyone would have. ‘Pan’s Labyrinth,’ same thing. ‘Mountains of Madness,’ the way I plan to do it is a very peculiar take, and I think if I don’t stick with it the version I would like to see would never get made. I’m going to keep pursuing it,. Universal is still really interested in doing it. Coming out of ‘Pacific Rim,’ I intend to see if we can do it immediately.”

When it comes to the rating, he explained how his experience with Don’t Be Afraid of the Dark taught him the true importance of the issue:

“I’d rather address the budget than the rating. The movie can perfectly someday be PG-13, but contractually I need to protect it. There’s nothing in the movie that is profanity or sexual situations or any of that. But what we learned with ‘Don’t Be Afraid of the Dark’ is that sometimes intensity, the intensity of the situations, garners you the R.”

I know that Mountains is the project I most want to see from him next, but Pacific Rim sounds entertaining enough itself. What’s really good is that, as he said, Rim might let him do Mountains right away. The former is still more than two years away, which could very well mean that the latter is at least four years away, so it’s something that we’ll just have to be patient about. Luckily, he has so much in the works — whether it’s books, productions, or films that he’s worked on the script for — that he’ll be around in the meantime.

Which of these projects do you have the most anticipation for? Are you wondering when we’ll see Mountains, if it ever comes together?

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