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Guillermo del Toro, John Michael McDonagh, and Chad Hartigan Plan New Projects

Written by on July 10, 2014 


Whenever time can be found, Guillermo del Toro will take advantage of it. As he continues with post-production on next year’s Crimson Peak and prepares pre-production on Pacific Rim 2, the writer-director let slip his plans for a third, more modest film positioned between those two mega-sized pictures.

The project — described to Collider as a “really, really bizarre” black-and-white outing with “one great creature in it” — is to be led by an unknown actress to whom del Toro has taken a liking. On his wishlist for the supporting slate is John Hurt, a collaborator on both Hellboy pictures, though nothing past this notice has been made public — in short, wait and see. Which is what I’d say about the entire endeavor, but perhaps you’re a bit more optimistic than myself.

JMM-250x375Before Calvary hits theaters this summer, John Michael McDonagh (The Guard) has already been swiftly developing a third feature. Going by the name War on Everyone, it’s to feature Garret Hedlund and Michael Peña as two southern cops whose scheme of blackmailing criminals — “The French Connection but with more jokes,” its helmer explained — goes awry when a tough-headed British sort gets in their way. In line with his prior work, it mixes dark comedy with “a very dark area [it goes] towards the end of the movie.”

Willing to blur the distinction between accents, he told ThePlaylist about seeking the talents of Guy Pearce — someone McDonagh considers one of those “actors who’ve got a great facility for accents.” A heroin addict who carries out robberies, it’s to tackle unpleasant territory akin to what the actor does so often and so often does well. We’re already thrilled.

Chad+Hartigan+2014+Film+Independent+Spirit+Eov98St_EmclVariety have a smaller bit of directorial news, informing us that Chad Hartigan, off his second feature, This is Martin Bonner — winner of the Indie Spirits’s John Cassavetes Award — will next head to Germany in Morris from America. Though inspired by the impressions he accrued while touring a film through Europe, it’ll follow someone a bit different from himself: “an overweight African-American child living in small-town Germany and falling in love with a local girl.” (For proof, look to your immediate left.)

It’s Hartigan’s hope to avoid the traits common to both coming-of-age and fish-out-of-water tales; given how deftly he avoided easy sentiment in Martin Bonner, hopes for this one are high. Thankfully, casting and location scouting is currently underway.

What do you make of these projects at this early stage? Are you especially anticipating any?

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