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‘Gremlins’ Eyed for Remake Treatment

Written by on January 17, 2013 

As far as I’m concerned, Gremlins is a prototypical ’80s kid “classic”: fun when you’re actually a kid, something of a problematic sitting when you’re older and, with that, have better taste in your system. Saying this and adding, for some measure, that it’s not a movie yours truly has ever felt the need to revisit, the following news is something to which my mind has no negative reaction. Or positive, to be honest.

Vulture have been informed that Warner Bros. are been in discussions with Amblin Entertainment regarding a second take on Joe Dante‘s 1984 film, this just the latest in a series of negotiations from over the years. What held up those is what could impede the latest efforts: Steven Spielberg, who’s said to have cost too pretty a penny in coming aboard as executive producer. WB clearly have the money required to get his name in the swing of things, though, and voices have whispered that this deal, for whatever reason, is capable of being the one that seals it up.

Which, again, is just fine by me. Even if I were keen on the original Gremlins, this remake — about which I have zero expectations and already feel pessimistic about, general optimist though I may be — was probably just a matter of time. (If what’s said up above has truth to it, I’m certainly not being facetious.) At worst, you’ll get a new Blu-ray edition that can distract you from the “soulless cash-in,” or whatever people will end up calling it. If you’re still so attached to that movie, anyway, it’s about time you step outside the cinematic box one or two paces.

How do you react to news of a Gremlins remake? Is this an untouchable work, or should Warner Bros. be allowed to give it a retooling?

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