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Greg Kinnear and Jennifer Connelly Attempt ‘Salvation Boulevard’ Reunion on ‘Writers’

Written by on January 26, 2012 

It’s reported by Variety that Greg Kinnear and Jennifer Connelly are both circling Writers, a film that relative unknown Josh Boone is looking to make his feature debut. Writers is written (ha. ha. ha.) by the helmer, and is summed up as “a funny and touching tale of a fractured family trying to rediscover one another over the course of a tumultuous year.” Among said family are a “successful novelist (Kinnear), his ex-wife (Connelly), collegiate daughter and teenage son.” This would mark a reunion for the two, who previously starred together (as a married couple, no less) in last year’s Salvation Boulevard.

Judy Cairo — who is producing through Informant Media, and whose word should be taken as unbiased and factual — described the screenplay’s characters as “rich and layered,” while also managing to “break our hearts and make us laugh out loud at the same time.” Production on the independent feature will begin this March in North Carolina, which makes a 2013 release the clear target. Sundance 2013, perhaps? (Sorry, it’s just that all this acquisition news is forcing me to mentally associate every independent film gearing up with the festival. Aggravating, you can imagine.)

And here’s the thing, if there even is a “thing”: I’ve seen (allow me one second to look this up) two Kinnear films since 2008 — and, chronologically speaking, the last Connelly movie I saw was Blood Diamond, which came out in 2006. I don’t think they even had cell phones then! A bad sign for them, but this also means that, should Writers come together as intended and be any good, it’d serve as something of a refresher for either actor — neither of whom I dislike, just have little attraction to. Well, except Connelly, but let’s not get prurient here.

What do you make of Writers? Have you recently seen anything with either actor?

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