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Gore Verbinski and Steve Carell Partner on Thriller; Casey Affleck Headlining Boston Marathon Bombing Film

Written by on October 7, 2014 

gore verbinskiAlthough I doubt it will cause many (or any) to revisit The Lone Ranger, consider my general interest in another Gore Verbinski film the only logical end result of wanting more from a distinct visual artist. It is thus with some gladness that I read, in Variety, news telling us he and Steve Carell — the latter seemingly hoping to continue a dramatic trend bucked by Foxcatcher — are pairing for what is now only described as “a paranoid thriller” from the director’s Weather Man scribe Steve Conrad.

Save for the involvement of New Regency and Verbinski‘s Blind Wink, little else is noted. This additional bit is of interest, though: he’s expected to follow the Carell-led effort with the Conrad-penned action-comedy Passengers and A Cure for Wellness, a horror film written by Lone Ranger co-scribe Justin Haythe. Many are no doubt tired of the Pirates director and his particular brand of bombast, but those who can jibe with it — even, such as in my case, at a mostly superficial level — will have reason to keep up.

Casey+Affleck+2013+Vanity+Fair+Oscar+Party+1-km8QFraX_lVariety also tell us Casey Affleck‘s found a close-to-home project in Boston Strong. Based on a not-yet-published book by Casey Sherman and Dave Wedge, with a spec script from duo Eric Johnson and Paul Tamasy (the Affleck-led The Finest Hours, The Fighter), the effort takes a multi-tiered approach to last year’s Boston Marathon Bombing: on one end, the frighteningly large and swift hunt for responsible parties; on the other, “the city’s reaction following the events.” Though components of the latter have only been vaguely explained thus far, I assume (but only assume) it’d look at the changes incurred by various individuals.

That is, again, only a guess, and little else has been made clear, except that Affleck, John Ridley, and Dorothy Aufiero will be taking Boston Strong out to studios next week. More news should arrive if deals are struck then.

Does either endeavor sound worthwhile?

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