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Gillian Anderson Teases A Third ‘X-Files’ Movie

Written by on September 6, 2011 

Since the world is breathlessly awaiting a second Johnny English film starring Rowan Atkinson (or not), here’s an update on a subject thought dead since 2008: a third movie based on The X-Files.

Bleeding Cool brings us a snippet from Moviehole‘s coverage of an interview with X-Files co-star Gillian Anderson, who was making the PR rounds in Sydney, Australia for the upcoming release of Johnny English Reborn, as tweeted by Kylie Speer:

Hmm… given the critical bile heaped on the 2008 sequel to the just-okay The X-Files: Fight The Future, does the world really need another X-Files movie? Given that David Duchovny seems to have stuck to his TV-niche – most recently as the boozing, drugged-up poon-hound L.A. novelist Hank Moody on Showtime’s Californication – and since the weird-shit-on-TV genre has peaked with Lost, I seriously doubt most of the world will care.

Here’s exactly what Anderson told Speer:

We’re hoping to… that’s something that we’ve said from the beginning, that we’d be interested in doing it if it ever came up again. I know that there are some discussions about it, I have no idea at what stage. There might a script, or how interested Fox is in doing it. We’re all hoping that it’s something that might take place. But they better hurry. 2012, which is the perfect subject matter is coming up quickly.

So everybody just calm down.

That said, I’d watch it, if it ever happens. I still have fond, 90’s-nostalgia memories of The X-Files. The show has aged better than many other 1990’s TV (the whole series is streaming on Netflix – alongside Star Trek: The Next Generation, another well-loved 90’s show… that doesn’t look that great).

Would you watch a third X-Files flick? Do you think they should just make a bunch of Firefly movies instead?

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