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Gillian Jacobs, Ken Marino, and Peter Stormare Starring In Duplass Brothers-Produced ‘Milo’

Written by on July 13, 2012 

Sometimes, a project can gather enough people with the proper credentials to, right out of the gate, be worthy of your attention; with such a smorgasbord of comedic talent all converging, Milo is one of those rare outings. THR tells us that Jacob Vaughan, for his debut film, will be directing Gillian Jacobs (Community), Ken Marino (Wanderlust), and the great Peter Stormare in a Mark and Jay Duplass-produced horror comedy about a demon that emerges from someone’s stomach. No, really.

In the screenplay, co-written by Benjamin Hayes, a man (Marino) is advised by his psychiatrist (Stormare) to let a demon inhabiting his intestines — created by forces of stress in his life, such as his spouse (Jacobs) — to come out. When it actually does, the protagonist tries to maintain a proper existence where the demon, which he’s properly named Milo, is not controlling everything. Boy, am I curious to see where things lead from there.

Mostly because Milo feels like the sort of project we’d expect an offbeat comedy-oriented sort like Marino to lead — this is meant in a positive context, by the way — though Jacobs and Stormare should bring something a little bit different to the table all at once. With their varying styles being forced under the same roof by Vaughan, the film should be unlike most comedies we see nowadays. No matter how it ultimately turns out, that can only be a good thing.

Does Milo have enough pedigree to inspire early hope on your part?

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