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Gerard Butler In Talks to Take Wheel of ‘Motor City’

Written by on March 29, 2012 

One big casting headache may have just struck its final chord, as Variety reports that Gerard Butler is now in talks with Warner Bros. about taking the lead of Motor City. This comes after a more-than six-month-long casting process, one which cycled amongst Chris Evans, Dominic Cooper, Jake Gyllenhaal, and Jeremy Renner. And it may all come down to the comeback-bound Scotsman.

The Chad St. John-scripted role would see him play “a small time hood who is framed and sent to prison, only to exact revenge years later on a kingpin-type (Gary Oldman) to get back the woman (Amber Heard) he loves”; kind of a perfect role for him, actually. Sure, Butler may not have the same level of talent or charisma as some of the aforementioned prior candidates, but would any of us doubt him as a hard-nosed badass? The guy’s certainly a more believable fit than (all due respect) Jake Gyllenhaal.

The only thing standing in his way right now would be Robert Luketic‘s Brilliant, which, like Motor City, has been scheduled to roll cameras this coming June. I’d hope — for reasons both plentiful and obvious — that he veers toward the latter, though a pre-existing relationship with Luketic (who directed him in The Ugly Truth) could stand as an obstacle. Needless to say, I wouldn’t mind being wrong in this regard.

Would Butler properly accommodate himself in Motor City? How does he compare to some past choices?

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