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George Clooney and Paul Greengrass to Collaborate with ‘Argo’ Scribe on Crime Film

Written by on November 28, 2012 

If he only started circling 1952, George Clooney would have a fantastic month behind him. (To be fair, I assume every month as him would be fantastic, by default.) But, before it closes out, there’s another big deal starting to gear up: Variety tell us he, Paul Greengrass, and Sony have become fond of a currently-untitled crime script by Argo co-writer Chris Terrio — so fond that they’re already signed. We only have to built anticipation in the interim twixt now and its eventual release.

Reports allege the film, a completely fictional tale, is a crime genre entry centered on New York City syndicates — and that’s it, I’m afraid. While hoping for more from this in-development picture (in my view) makes total sense, those who care (which should be most) are going to need to hold on with all their patience, as both the star and director are busy. Clooney is always eyeing one thing or another, but, in particular, has The Monuments Men ready to shoot this spring, while Greengrass might get to helm Memphis after years of pre-production trouble plagued its chances. I doubt a new project would deter him from getting that off the ground ASAP — which isn’t such a bad thing, in itself, if he gets to keep doing his own thing. Should this take a little time, the eventual result could only be all the more worth it.

Sony have Terrio‘s script in their possession; the actor’s Smokehouse Pictures is expected to produce.

Do Clooney and Greengrass make for a solid star-director combination?

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