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Gaspar Noé, Weerasethakul, Vincent Gallo, Carlos Reygadas & More Take ‘Short Cuts’ In Soccer Omnibus

Written by on March 24, 2014 

If every nation but the United States will go wild for soccer, it’s only fitting that an omnibus depiction should almost entirely consist of an international murderer’s row. As such an endeavor would need to really pull some good names for us (or U.S.) to care, Mexican helmer Daniel Gruener deserves major credit: according to Variety, he’s nabbed Apichatpong Weerasethakul, Gaspar Noé, Vincent Gallo, Carlos Reygadas, and fifteen others to create Short Cuts. In looking to display how these various voices can “come up with human stories that show us how people are living in the different regions and societies of the world,” he’s set these rules for all participants: make shorts that run “three-to-five minutes long and largely dialogue-free, offer an analogy to some aspect of soccer, but feature ordinary people from the director’s own country.”

Also contributing are Matias Cruz (Chile), Pablo Fendrik (Argentina), Fernando Eimbcke (Mexico), Ecuador’s Sebastián Cordero (Europa Report), Buthina Cannan Koury (Palestine), Duane Hopkins (England), Pedro Amorim (Portugal), Kiki Sugino (Japan), Doris Dörrie (Germany), Luca Lucini (Italy), Mascha Halberstadt (Holland), Yang Ik-june (South Korea), Faouzi Bensaïdi (Morocco), Carlos Moreno (Colombia), Pablo Stoll (Uruguay), and Gruener himself. With about half of them already having gone before cameras, it’s expected that Short Cuts will cross the finish line “about the end of April before Brazil’s FIFA World Cup this June,” after which distribution takes on several forms: along with DVD and Blu-ray options, there’s also an opportunity for them to be “offered as a TV series of short films to broadcasters – especially those that have licensed World Cup transmission rights – for airing one a day, often when directors’ country plays a match.” Reygadas on ESPN? It’s already a worthwhile effort.

The Variety story contains further details on the shorts, though one might wish to hold off until the project becomes available — a day I and many others will greatly anticipate.

Are you intrigued by Short Cuts and its helmers?

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