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Gaspar Noe Possibly Remaking Larry Cohen’s ‘God Told Me To’

Written by on October 18, 2011 

Few films have left me as curious about what its creator will do next than Enter the Void, simply because writer and director Gaspar Noé was able to do things in his headtrip that I’ve never seen before. There’s been some word on what he would follow it up with, including a segment of the anthology film 7 Days in Havana and a Bret Easton Ellis collaboration in The Golden Suicides. The former may already be complete; the latter at least seems possible.

An entirely surprising — and, therefore, entirely appropriate — revelation about his future has come from master of ’70s and ’80s schlock Larry Cohen, who told Film Comment (via IFC) about an encounter with a Frenchman whose name he couldn’t remember. Read about it below:

“The 70-year-old Cohen mentioned that he had just come from a meeting with an interesting young Frenchman who was seeking the rights to remake ‘God Told Me To.’ ‘What’s his name?’ inquired the staffer. ‘I don’t remember, but he gave me some DVDs of his films.’ The director rummaged in a bag and produced copies of ‘Irreversible’ and ‘Enter the Void.'”

(Unless there was an uncredited director behind either film, speculation as to the man’s identity is by no means needed.)

God Told Me To is one of Cohen‘s better-known films — which is to say, 98% of people have still never heard of it. The thriller follows a detective trying to figure out a disturbing pattern in which people claim they’ve murdered people because they were commanded to by God. He soon uncovers a cult that they’re all tied to, and things will only get weirder from there.

It may not instantly bring Noé to mind, but a certain conflict between a higher authority and one’s personal self has a certain Enter the Void ring to it, with the mystery aspect tying into Irréversible a bit. Any concerns about this being a remake, meanwhile, might be moot; Noé has such an original vision behind him that it wouldn’t even feel like a previously-told story. Just like everything he ends up putting out, it sounds like a fascinating prospect, so let’s hope it actually happens.

How does Noé remaking Cohen sound to you?

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