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Gary Oldman, Harrison Ford, and Liam Hemsworth Come Together for Robert Luketic’s ‘Paranoia’

Written by on April 12, 2012 

When Robert Luketic — the kind of director with a filmography so slight it barely exists — said that he and Liam Hemsworth were discussing a “mystery project” that, with any luck, would start up in the near future, let’s just say the receptive parts of my brain weren’t exactly churning away.

If only they had more details then. Deadline tells us the project is a corporate espionage thriller, Paranoia, that Gary Oldman and Harrison Ford are on the cusp of signing for. Has your attention been grabbed? Scripted by Jason Hall, Luketic‘s film will be set in “the world of dueling telecom giants” — I can only imagine Oldman and Ford will play the head of either company — and, if the director’s comments have held water over two weeks, filming locations should be divided between New York and Mumbai.

I’ll freely acknowledge that Luketic doesn’t interest me in any legitimate fashion, but the potential of seeing Oldman and Ford go head-to-head in an Air Force One reunion is, frankly, far too enticing to ignore. (Hemsworth‘s not all that bad, too.) Production is expected to begin this summer, which could make this a nice thriller for the summer of 2013.

“Get off my stock trade.”

Have you suddenly developed interested in Paranoia?

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