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Gary Oldman and Dominic Monaghan Team With Malcolm McDowell For ‘Monster Butler’

Written by on May 30, 2012 

While his recent career has mostly been consumed by major tentpoles (The Dark Knight Rises, Harry Potter) or adult-geared dramas (Lawless, Tinker Tailor Soldier Spy), Gary Oldman is getting back to some crazier independent roots, starring in a film from first-timer Doug Rath.

THR reports that The Lord of the Rings and LOST star Dominic Monaghan will also be joining the actor in Monster Butler, which already has Malcolm McDowell and Joanne Whalley in the cast. The true-to-life story follows “Roy Fontaine (aka Archibald Hall), a bisexual jewel thief/con man/serial killer who chronicles his personal descent into darkness leading up to his eventual capture.”

Oldman will play — get ready for it — a “a taxidermist with anger issues” named Wiggy. I certainly hope he’s able to chew a heck of a lot of scenery after an excellent, but subdued performance in Tomas Alfredon‘s spy thriller. As for Monaghan, he’ll play the character of David Wright, who meets Fontaine in prison and then continues to work for him, leading to “a blackmail attempt forcing Fontaine’s hand and beginning his descent into murder and mayhem.”

Production kicks off this June.

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