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Garrett Hedlund Doesn’t Lose Track of Time, Confirms Participation In ‘Tron 3’

Written by on December 13, 2012 

At this point, and against the better judgement of mankind, signs of life are cropping up for Tron 3. The whole screenwriter thing was, and still is, a good example of Disney creating a bit of press momentum for a stillborn project — someone‘s been hired, so something‘s going to cohere! — but this next bit is almost a meaningful announcement. Almost.

Speaking to NextMovie, Tron: Legacy star Garrett Hedlund (recently, more notably of On the Road) “confirmed,” so much as an actor at a press event can confirm something, that he’ll be leading Tron 3. While only noting that both he and Disney are “very excited,” someone (this is an honest-to-God mystery to yours truly) indicates that shooting will commence at one point or another in 2014; it might not be, say, 2013 because Joseph Kosinski is busy with something, though I neither know nor care.

So, yes, Tron 3 is starting to look a little bit more like a real thing, but not quite enough for anyone to justify anticipation. (Remember when we basically heard the same thing last year?) Then again, the official announcement of a third Tron — teasers, logos, and 7/11 cups included — would not justify anticipation in the slightest, either.

Do Hedlund’s comments indicate something bigger with Tron 3?

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