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‘Fruitvale’ Nabs Grand Jury Prize to Cap Off 2013 Sundance Film Festival

Written by on January 27, 2013 

This time last year, Beasts of the Southern Wild captured Sundance’s Grand Jury Prize; in a month, its run will have finished by competing for Best Picture. No matter how much I hate to use the O-word for something most of us have not seen — nor will see for, let’s guess, another nine-to-ten months — Ryan Coogler, director of Fruitvale and winner of the aforementioned honor, has a lot to look forward to in 2013.

Like any festival prize, it’s both impossible and illogical to look at this crop of choices as a means of figuring who got what right or wrong, but we can begin marking down titles worth watching out for. While it could be conceded that many of their big winners rarely manage to exceed what else showed that year (see: Precious, Winter’s Bone, Like Crazy, Beasts), most had a more solid reaction to Fruitvale‘s attempts at pathos than what’s seen in Park City every January; no matter the reservations we expressed, it was nevertheless commended as “a telling and touching movie.” I figured the same could be said of Crystal Fairy, Sebastián Silva‘s World Cinema Directing award winner about Michael Cera doing drugs in the Chilean desert as the now-grown-up girl from Uncle Buck walks around naked. Now there’s a Sundance title that could be making year-end impact.

Read the full list of winners below:

Grand Jury Prize, Dramatic:
 Fruitvale, directed by Ryan Coogler

Grand Jury Prize, Documentary:
 Blood Brother, directed by Steve Hoover

World Cinema Jury Prize, Dramatic:
 Jiseul, directed by Muel O

World Cinema Jury Prize, Documentary:
 A River Changes Course, directed Kalyanee Mam

Dramatic Audience Award:
 Fruitvale, directed by Ryan Coogler

Documentary Audience Award:
 Blood Brother, directed by Steve Hoover

World Cinema Dramatic Audience Award:
 Metro Manila, directed by Sean Ellis

World Cinema Documentary Audience Award:
 The Square, directed by Jehane Noujaim

The Best of NEXT Audience Award:
 This Is Martin Bonner, directed by Chad Hartigan

Directing Award, Dramatic:
 Jill Soloway, Afternoon Delight

Directing Award, Documentary:
 Zachary Heinzerling, Cutie And The Boxer

World Cinema Directing Award, Dramatic:
 Sebastián Silva, Crystal Fairy

World Cinema Directing Award, Documentary:
 Tinatin Gurchiani, The Machine Which Makes Everything Disappear

Waldo Scott Screenwriting Award:
 Lake Bell, In A World

World Cinema Screenwriting Award:
 Barmak Akram, Wajma (An Afghan Love Story)

Documentary Editing Award:
 Gideon’s Army

World Cinema Documentary Editing Award:
 Ben Stark, The Summit

Excellence in Cinematography Award, Dramatic:
 Bradford Young, Ain’t Them Bodies Saints and Mother of George

Excellence in Cinematography Award, Documentary:
 Richard Rowley, Dirty Wars

World Cinema Cinematography Award, Dramatic:
 Michal Englert, Lasting

World Cinema Cinematography Award, Documentary: 
Marc Silver & Pau Esteve Birba, “Who Is Dayani Cristal?”

Alfred P. Sloan Prize
: Computer Chess, directed by Andrew Bujalsi

Is this a surprising or intriguing list of victors?

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