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Frank Langella Lends Reagan a Hand In ‘Reykjavik’; Cody Horn Tracking Spirits for James Wan’s New Picture

Written by on January 31, 2013 

Frank Langella signs for a movie about Ronald Reagan, but not to play the late President? Although, yes, I know Tricky Dick should be (and is) enough for any actor’s lifetime of Commanders in Chief — to say nothing of the fact that Philip Baker Hall made this task irrelevant for all others, and in the mid-80s — this would just happen to have made sense. Perhaps even more than his last time out.

But, instead, Deadline tell us he’s landed a supporting role in Reykjavik, Mike Newell‘s upcoming picture about the famed, world-changing 1986 Reykjavík Summit held between Reagan and Mikhail Gorbachev. Those two parts, central to proceedings, have been filled out very, very well: As Michael Douglas will work his best grandfatherly smile on one end, Christoph Waltz is keeping his shaved head, throwing some ink on top, and saying “negotiations” in a thick Russian accent. Langella, on the other hand, is to be seen as Paul Nitze, then-U.S. Secretary of Navy, top adviser to Reagan, and expert Soviet negotiator — the latter of which made him especially helpful in this particular situation. Now, having these three get down to talks, it almost won’t matter that we can all look up the end. Well played, Newell.

Reykjavik will begin production this March.

To keep things fresh, let’s glance at something of an entirely different shade. Coming off last summer’s Magic Mike (I wasn’t kidding!), Cody Horn is taking a role even scarier than that of Alex Pettyfer‘s sister, signing for an untitled, James Wan-produced thriller that’s already snagged Maria Bello and Frank Grillo. The screenplay — from Max La Bella, and to be directed by Will Canon — follows a psychologist and police officer figuring out what led to the death of a group of ghost hunters — one of whom this new addition will be playing. [THR]

Speaking of Wan, the Saw creator’s partner in fright, Leigh Whannell, tweeted a photo from the set of their upcoming Insidious: Chapter 2. Contained within is a look at a house, some set equipment, and a man standing on the porch. Or is that a ghost? It’ll open on August 30th, and, for now, you can have a look for yourself (via STYD):

Reading this news, how do you feel about the choice for Reykjavik? Is there any hope of seeing Horn back onscreen?

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