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Joseph Gordon-Levitt Offered ‘Godzilla’ Remake; Frank Darabont Providing Rewrite

Written by on January 7, 2013 

Update: THR also lets us know that Joseph Gordon-Levitt was one of “several top actors” who had been offered a role in the film, but passed. However, Variety also updates that Henry Cavill, Caleb Landry Jones and Gareth EdwardsMonsters star Scott McNairy are also being considered. Check out the original story below as we await more information.

No matter how well you may be acquainted with his central work, it’s possible that Frank Darabont‘s done some high-profile stuff right under your nose. And, hypothetically, if you enjoyed either Saving Private Ryan or Collateral without the idea of a script doctor nestled in the back of your head, even coloring perception in some way, this news shouldn’t be of great concern.

You can probably gather the gist of it by now. Deadline have learned Darabont is coming aboard Gareth Edwards‘s genre reboot, Godzilla, since Legendary Pictures are looking to give the city-smashing monster a bit of script polishing before things roll in March. Now, with such a close production start on the horizon, you’d like to think a) nothing too major is needed, and b) everything gets put into place with sufficient time left. (You would really, really like to think that.) Max Borenstein‘s work is being kept under lock-and-key — save for scenes in which a monster breathes fire, roars, and destroys Tokyo buildings — so, among other things, the extent to which Darabont‘s input is needed remains wholly elusive. It’d be nice to hear it isn’t much.

Some more complicated, less interesting business stuff is also afoot on Godzilla. In short, HitFix have learned that producers Roy Lee and Dan Lin — both of whom are based at WB, but were also instrumental in getting Toho to sign over rights — are being kicked off the film by Legendary, as Deadline claim the duo were getting a little testy with salary. Having “refused to reduce the fees they signed on for when the original deal was made,” the people at Legendary felt their input, from this point forward, was not necessarily needed. They disagree, so off to court everyone goes.

Since the rest will (probably) not impact things in any creative way, it’s best to just throw that out and move on. No matter who ends up getting some extra credit — Darabont, Lee, or LinGodzilla is set to open on May 16th, 2014.

Could Frank Darabont’s involvement be a good or bad sign for Godzilla?

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