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Fox’s ‘Frankenstein’ Attracts Daniel Radcliffe

Written by on September 27, 2012 

Emerging safely from whatever traps lie in massive, massive franchises, Daniel Radcliffe has, still, spent almost his entire “adult” career doing genre work. In addition to this February’s The Woman in Black, a rather obvious example, the actor is planning to work with horror figurehead Alexandre Aja on Horns — two films which, though different in content, share many of the same traits.

This notion may have further support from TheWrap, who report that he’s “reportedly interested” (“is considering a thought”) in taking the top spot for Paul McGuigan‘s Frankenstein. Scripted by Max Landis and, up until recently, planned to be a helming project for Shawn Levy, this new take on Mary Shelley‘s long-standing classic is told from the perspective of Dr. Frankenstein’s assistant, Igor; he’s named Hunchback this time out, and is summed up as being “pathologically dirty and dressed in old clowns clothing.”

Say what you will about the prospect of yet another “look how we’ll tell this classic story this time around” types of films — I’m tired of it, too, even knowing little about this iteration — but Frankenstein might be worth its weight if it could allow Radcliffe to do something very much outside his own wheelhouse. The part would require makeup, he’d have to put on a different “acting mode,” most likely, and so on; to get him into that spot would be fascinating, I think.

It is a bit early, though. Fox are hoping to get Landis‘ script into a more optimal shape, after which talks can really commence.

Is Radcliffe a right choice for this sort of part?

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