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Following Box Office Success, Third ‘Taken’ Confirmed By Screenwriter

Written by on October 9, 2012 

I don’t know anyone who actually paid to see Taken 2, but those who actually reviewed it (including ourselves) were not kind. I’d like to think Liam Neeson gives a thought or two to what critics are saying about his work — even though it wouldn’t account for several recent career choices — but 20th Century Fox couldn’t give less of a hoot if the movie’s a hit. Since Olivier Megaton and team just earned more than twice the original’s opening weekend haul, it’s safe to say things went well.

Are you following the pattern? During an interview with our friends at Hollywood.com, screenwriter (and frequent Luc Besson collaborator) Mark Kamen confirmed, in so many words, that (surprise!) Taken 3 is on its way. Although he claims such an idea didn’t hit until Taken 2‘s box office numbers started rolling in — a statement I’d cast under some mighty serious doubt — here do the writing pair and Fox stand.

So early is this development, though, that something about the plot can’t be discussed in-depth, save for the promise that Taken 3 will “go in another direction” from what came before and, in turn, “[s]hould be interesting.” I’ll hold my breath for an “interesting” second sequel to Taken, if you’ll allow me to be so frank, but that’s the promise from a man right at its center.

Is Taken 3 something you’d even want to see?

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