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[First Look] Toby Jones and Sienna Miller Do Hitchcock and Hedren In ‘The Girl’

Written by on March 20, 2012 

Taking on and inhabiting a historical figure is a challenge many actors struggle with, but playing a legendary one with high visibility? Another conversation altogether. Toby Jones already proved himself capable in that other Truman Capote film, Infamous, but now he’s stepping into the skin of someone most of us know a good deal better: Alfred Hitchcock.

In the BBC film The Girl, he’s playing the filmmaker for Julian Jarrold (Red Riding 1974) in a film that chronicles Hitchcock‘s shaky relationship with his Birds actress, Tippi Hedren (Sienna Miller). Our first look at the two can be seen above, thanks to The Daily Mail (via ThePlaylist) — and, despite my great respect for Jones as an actor, I can’t help but cringe at that photo each and every time. He doesn’t look like himself, he certainly doesn’t look like Hitchcock, he doesn’t look right.

Look at this photo for a comparison:

Miller‘s got it down-pat, if only because they simply need to give her a nice dress and appropriate her hair a specific way. I’m hoping The Girl can overcome this early, evident issue — the material holds interest for me and, likely, you — and that Jones‘ performance can simply speak for itself.

Is this first look a little concerning?

Note: Thanks to Alfred Hitchcock and the Making of Psycho, The Girl will be the second time Toby Jones and an actor from Red Dragon play the same historical figure.

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