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[First Look] Selena Gomez & Vanessa Hudgens on the Set of Harmony Korine’s Latest Bizarre Escapade

Written by on March 23, 2012 

Thanks in large part to the teeny-bopper cast (Vanessa Hudgens, Selena Gomez, Ashley Benson, and Heather Morris), it’s almost a given that Harmony Korine‘s new film has more mainstream appeal than anything he’s ever done — something that’s also a given in and of itself, actually.

But I wasn’t expecting this to look like a tropical Project X, for God’s sake. In set photos snapped by The Daily Mail — and an accompanying video compiled by passer-by — we’re given a glimpse of the film’s spring break mayhem, wherein Gomez, Benson, and Hudgens can be seen partying it up and preparing for a heist, all in the company of scantily-clad young ladies. On that heist note: the actual plot (something Korine hasn’t often concerned himself with) follows “four college-aged girls who rob a fast food restaurant to afford spring break in Florida, only to get arrested upon their arrival.” A drug dealer named Alien (James Franco) will save the day — if they kill his sworn enemy, Arch. The filmmaker’s wife, Rachel, also takes part, and can be seen in some of the photos as well.

See the images above and below:

Update: We’ve also got a first look at Franco as our drug dealer below via E!.

Take a look at the set video:

Have these early peeks ignited interest in Spring Breakers? What are you expecting from Korine’s party bash?

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