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[First Look] Saoirse Ronan In Kevin Macdonald’s ‘How I Live Now’

Written by on July 12, 2012 

Kevin Macdonald‘s doing some good documentary as of late (I refer to Life in a Day and Marley) but his last narrative outing, The Eagle, is easily the worst-received film of his entire career. While the two aforementioned works show he doesn’t need to “bounce back” — most filmmakers have their missteps, after all — one could, reasonably, see How I Live Now as a washing of the bloody Roman hands.

I not only say this because I like to hear myself talk, but also due to the fact that we’ve got our first image of Saoirse Ronan in the film. It comes from the blog of Meg Rosoff — author of the book upon which Macdonald‘s film is based — and shows off the young actress as Daisy, a New York girl whose normal trip to visit family in England is interrupted by a little thing called World War III. Whilst hiding out from the invading forces, Daisy begins to form a (disgusting) romantic bond with one cousin (George MacKay), and is forced to guide another (Harley Bird) through “a world that is unknown in the scariest, most elemental way.”

The first image is nothing to really gawk at, but you can still see it below:

Are you impressed with this first image? Is there any anticipation on your part for How I Live Now?

Source: ThePlaylist

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