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[First Look] J.J. Abrams Quickly Reveals Klingon from ‘Star Trek 2’

Written by on June 4, 2012 

Well played, J.J. The recently-wrapped production on Star Trek 2 has been, true to its directors intentions, completely and totally secret — all we got were a few measly set photos — so it’s fitting that our first official (but unfinished) look would arrive as a blurry background item in a comedy bit that aired during the MTV Movie Awards.

Actually, when you weigh it all, “fitting” might not be the exact word. But, here you go:

The franchise faithful at TrekMovie were quick to recognize this as a villainous Klingon, and although questions were raised as to the origin of its existence — some speculated it was from one of the 2009 film’s deleted scenes — HitFix contacted Paramount, learning that this is both from the new movie and “wasn’t included in the clip by accident.”

Who knows what any intentions behind this may be (past giving fans a fun peek), but there’s no question that this will get scrutinized for accuracy, compared to the original designs, have ridiculous assumptions hoisted upon it, and so on. As someone who’s never seen an episode of Star Trek but loved Abrams‘ movie… I just think it looks kind of neat.

Star Trek 2 will open on May 17th, 2013.

Do you take anything from this shot, or is it too insubstantial?

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