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[First Look] Ben Whishaw Brings Q Back To James Bond In ‘Skyfall’

Written by on July 12, 2012 

James Bond is finally getting his gadget master back. Absent in the Daniel Crag films thus far, which opted for a grittier take on the character, we’ve missed the quip-filled character of Q. Akin to Batman’s Lucius Fox, the MI6 go-to man in technology has been portrayed by John Cleese, Peter Burton as well as Desmond Llewelyn, who racked up the most appearances in previous films. He’s now back, and taking the form of Ben Whishaw.

Much younger and most certainly geekier-looking than the previous incarnations, Entertainment Weekly has our first glimpse at the Bright Star and I’m Not There actor showing off some new tech, as Daniel Craig looks on in the background. The 31-year-old English actor is in for a strong year, as he also has a major role in the Wachowski‘s Cloud Atlas, which re-teams him with director Tom Tykwer, after working with him on The International and Perfume: The Story of a Murderer. Check out this first look below and the trailer here if you missed it.

Sam Mendes Skyfall arrives on November 9th in the US.

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