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First Look at Marion Cotillard and Joaquin Phoenix In James Gray’s Latest; James Franco as Hugh Hefner In ‘Lovelace’

Written by on January 30, 2012 

James Gray got underway with his newest film — once titled Low Life, now sans any moniker to speak of — in a pretty inconspicuous manner. But, of course, there are set photos, the first of which show off two members of the cast — Joaquin Phoenix and Marion Cotillard — looking wet and melancholy. (Jeremy Renner‘s presence is missed, obviously.) And, though these shots (via ComingSoon) don’t carry much weight when taken as is, some background on the plot lends them a good deal more significance.

That’s because the plot of Gray‘s next follows a Polish woman (Cotillard) who immigrates to America, only to struggle with a man forcing her into prostitution (Phoenix). She finds hope in the form of his cousin (Renner), a magician that manages to “sweep the young woman off her feet and is her best chance to escape the nightmarish life she has fallen into.” So, when you look at these pictures — which just so happen to feature Phoenix consoling a distraught-looking Cotillard — you might be able to glean some narrative weight from it all. Or I’m reading too much into it; that’s also possible.

See them to the right and below:

I’m not nearly as intrigued by this second film, but the actual image might be my favorite of the bunch. I mean, James Franco as Hugh Hefner. Right? When we heard that the Oscar nominee might reunite with his Howl directors — Rob Epstein and Jerry Friedman, to be more specific — to portray the Playboy founder in Lovelace, it was the first time I developed an interest in the biopic. And, fittingly, the actual photo is the first thing I’ve seen from the film that has my attention. You can see him with Amanda Seyfried, playing the titular subject, as well as Bobby Cannavale, who’s been cast as mobster Butchie Peraino.

It isn’t a whole lot, but I’m happy enough with what it hints at. See it below (via E!):

Last and oh-so-certainly least is our first look at Sparkle, a Salim Akil-directed remake of the 1976 film of the same name, which was itself a biopic of The Supremes. This, however, sounds like a fictional version of that story — you could even say it’s a cover! — which stars Whitney Houston, Jordin Sparks, and Mike Epps. This photo features the female members among those three, and, man, does it have me marking down my calendar for August 10th.

Take a look below (via WeAreMovieGeeks):

What impression do the pictures leave you with? Are any of these films on your radar?

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