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‘Expendables 2’ Director Simon West Circling ‘Dust and Glory’

Written by on November 29, 2011 

Simon West is a busy man. The Con Air auteur is in the midst of shooting The Expendables 2, will release Medallion (more on that in a second) just a few months apart from the sequel, and has Thunder Run either in production or prepping to shoot. Somehow, THR informs us that he’s in talks for yet another project, Dust and Glory. Based on Evan Green‘s romantic adventure novel, the story is set during “the 1950s’ Redex trials, which covered more than 10,000 miles of some of the toughest racing terrain in Australia, if not the world.” The actual plot — adapted by Robert Lewis Galinsky and noted as “a cross between Mad Max and Jewel of the Nile” — follows “the rivalry between an American hotshot and an Australian legend.”

Top Cat Productions and Blue Star Entertainment will be independently producing the film, which is expected to go before cameras this coming summer in Australia. Casting will commence before the year is out, and, depending on their plans, a studio could come onboard around the same time. If those involved want to have a studio, that is.

Remember when I called one of his next films Medallion? I only did so to trick you! Sorry about that. Anyway, Variety’s Jeff Sneider informs us that Millennium Films have changed the title of his Nicolas Cage starrer to Stolen, information that you can now do what you please with. Also starring Malin Akerman and Josh Lucas, the David Guggenheim-scripted movie follows “a master thief of a father who’s daughter is kidnapped and taken away in the trunk of a New York medallion taxi cab,” which… I guess that could be fun? Cage at least brings some modicum of promise to the project. Otherwise, I couldn’t care less.

Will Dust and Glory be worthy of West’s great talents?

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