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Ewan McGregor Replaces Bradley Cooper as ‘Jane Got a Gun’ Villain

Written by on May 6, 2013 

Will it finally stick? Following last week’s news that Bradley Cooper was the latest exit from the western Jane Got a Gun, reportedly due to scheduling issues with his currently filming David O. Russell drama American Hustle, there were a few names posited for a replacement…and it turns out none of them landed the role.

According to Deadline, it is Ewan McGregor who has landed the villain gig, which seems him lead an outlaw gang that tracks down the husband of Natalie Portman‘s character, Jane. For defense, she grabs the help of a former flame played by Joel Edgerton and chaos ensues. Directed by the workmanlike Gavin O’Connor, we’re still eager to see the film, although original director Lynne Ramsay would have surely provided a vastly different style, judging by their previous work.

With all of its dots finally connected, production on the Star Wars reunion you’ve always wanted (although technically it was already one with Edgerton on board) runs through the summer for what will hopefully be a 2014 release.

Do you think McGregor is a worth replacement?

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