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Evan Goldberg & Seth Rogen, Ken Marino & Joe Lo Truglio Plan Separate Horror Films

Written by on March 7, 2012 

If we’re speaking in terms of genre similarities — and, excuse any assumptions, I think that’s what we’re speaking in terms of — making a jump from comedy to horror isn’t as arduous as some might think. And I don’t even mean “horror comedies” here, though we will in a couple of minutes; rather, the notion that both are entirely dependent on a gut reaction from their audience and, ultimately, don’t require all that much more. (Other than some semblance of quality, that is.)

Having said all this, it’s nonetheless surprising to hear that not one, but two comedic writing duos are dipping their pen in the horror ink. The most well-known of these two (four?) would be Seth Rogen and Evan Goldberg (Superbad, Pineapple Express); the latter was speaking to ThePlaylist about his new hockey comedy, Goon, and let slip that he and his partner “have been talking about doing a horror idea that we came up with.” Although Goldberg claims to have never been a big fan of horror in the first place, he’s found himself — possibly through some alluded-to musings over its general effects — “interested in this whole area now.”

Nothing concrete is out there at the moment, other than the mention that Paranormal Activity was “one that kinda drew us into discussing this, because we just thought it was so innovative”; they feel as though it could’ve actually been improved with a little humor — exactly what’s expected from them. Any other assumptions can go out the door for the time being.

Meanwhile, Ken Marino and Joe Lo Truglio, frequent collaborators of David Wain, have been eyeing the genre with two different scripts. (Marino co-wrote and Lo Truglio co-starred in Wanderlust, a film many more people should have seen.) The both of them were on the Q & A Podcast with Jeff Goldsmith (via ThePlaylist), in which it was announced that they’ve written a horror film, and are “trying to write now a comedy/horror movie we’re doing a new pass of.” The more traditional of these two is titled Burnt, and was summed up by Lo Truglio as “a more kinda traditional horror movie like Frankenstein meets Last House on the Left meets Friday The 13th, something like that.”

Otherwise, we can expect a horror-comedy from them, one that’s had titles like People Will Die, The Werewolf Movie, Untitled Werewolf Story, and Werewolves On A Tropical Island. Guess what it might be about.

Does either pairing have the right stuff to tackle horror? Are you, at the very least, curious about what they could do?

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