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‘Escape From New York’ Remake Contractually Obligated To Be “Bad Ass”

Written by on February 12, 2010 

In 1981, John Carpenter made a futuristic cult movie about an eye patch wearing bad-ass named Snake trying to escape New York City (which has become a prison)  called (figures) Escape From New York.

New York Magazine is reporting that New Line Cinema is moving along with plans to remake said movie. Scribe Allan Loeb (Wall Street 2: Money Never Sleeps) apparently rescued the film from production hell with a few strokes of genius: change the person Snake must protect from the President to a lady senator and due the “N.Y.C. as a prison” thing sans destruction (saving a whole lot of budget). The wall around the city will remain, but the maintenance crews are pros it would seem.Oh, and there’s also no World War III to mess things up. Phew.

There have been talks and contracts are being written. There’s a lot of boring technical lawyer stuff in the contract, but here are the three important one:

  • Main character Plissken must be called “Snake”
  • He must wear an eye patch
  • He must always be bad-ass

Yup, that is real… and that is awesome. It has to be the best contract ever written. I wish I could be in the room when the lawyers read off the demands.

How high are John Carpenter’s standards? If the movie fails would he take legal action?

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