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Errol Morris to Release Donald Rumsfeld Documentary This Year

Written by on March 14, 2012 

Whether your political leanings take you to the left or the right, you can probably agree that Donald Rumsfeld wasn’t very good. Be it the torture, the spying, the lying, or the unnecessary public displays of anger, having him around as Secretary of Defense for almost six years was rough. But a controversial figure steeped in one of America’s most contentious political periods is, obviosuly, also a fascinating one — the sort that could make for an equally engaging documentary.

Errol Morris knows a thing or two about those — and has some thoughts about the man, too — thus making this story from Vulture all the more promising. As they’ve learned, the documentarian has pulled in Rumsfeld for several interviews, which will act as the basis for a documentary that’s being released later this year.

Through these discussions, the two have reportedly covered “the entire span of his 40 years in public life — as a naval aviator, four-term congressman, counselor to President Nixon, big pharma CEO, and, of course, as the second-longest-serving Secretary of Defense in history.” (Morris‘ 2003 effort, The Fog of War — which this is being deemed a semi-sequel to — revolved around the longest-serving Secretary, Robert McNamara.)

I’d like for the specifics to expand past that — but it doesn’t matter so much when the basics have me hooked. Although I hate Rumsfeld for what he partially inflicted upon this country — on a level that’s nearly personal — Morris, thankfully, has the ability to make unlikable folks entirely watchable and, in some ways, understandable. A challenge lies ahead when it comes to accomplishing that, but I look forward to seeing how he pulls it off.

Is Rumsfeld the right topic for Morris to handle? Would you like to see where he could take things?

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