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Ellen Page Jumps Into Directing for Anna Faris-Led ‘Miss Stevens’

Written by on February 7, 2013 

With her Inception co-star having gone down the route for his own good, Ellen Page might have figured it was time to pick up the camera, too. Or, heck, maybe something about this project just appeals to her.

No matter the reason (not that it was ever any of our business; or a good lede), Deadline tell us the actress will partner with Anonymous Content and Gilbert Films to set up her helming debut, Miss Stevens, a Julia Hart-penned drama that has Anna Faris contracted to lead. Genre-wise, the plot outline would lean toward a drama (though I’ve been wrong on this sort of thing before), what with the picture centering on a distressed teacher chaperoning students during a weekend trip to their state drama competition; it’s there, amongst the kids, where things begin to re-coalesce in her life, as is often the case with this sort of tale. (Unless — in this case, God forbid — we were talking about von Trier.)

It’s that sense — not guarantee, not complete indication of, merely sense — of conventionality and familiarity that tempers the degree to which I’d want Page trying out something a little different these days. But the way I see it, in a positive sense, is this: it comes from a writer who’s landed a couple of nice projects, it had to be enough to attract someone for their first project in a certain capacity, and it stars an actress who I really like. When she isn’t in lowbrow comedies — or, as sometimes (and strangely) highlighted by that sort of things — Faris is a veritable screen talent, and one who seems to be in need of a role more proper for her skill. No matter how Page does with the directorial side of things, a good acting outlet would, for yours truly, be enough to justify Miss Stevens.

Any thoughts on Page and Faris teaming for a movie? This one, in particular?

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