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Elle Fanning In Talks for Musical ‘God Help the Girl’

Written by on April 10, 2012 

Thoroughly disappointing and forgettable though the film may have been, I still found myself wholly impressed by Elle Fanning‘s work in Super 8. (And it was the first time I had seen her perform, too; not a bad introduction, when you think about it.) Excepting an unlikely scenario in which Twixt actually sees some kind of release, Variety has news on what may very well be the next film I check her out in.

As they report, Fanning and Olly Alexander (Enter the Void) are being sought to headline God Help the Girl, a musical that’s being helmed by Belle and Sebastian leader Stuart Murdoch. The genesis behind this project’s a little unusual; a few years back, Murdoch formed a second group (also named God Help the Girl), that went on to record a concept album of the same name (he must be fond of it) in 2009. Said album even had a main character, Eve; while that part’s yet to be cast, Fanning will play Cass, a protege to the “cynical” James (Alexander), through whom she learns how to play the guitar.

The producers — Barry Mendel of Barry Mendel Productions, Singer Films’ Carole Sheridan, and Chris Curling & Phil Robertson of Zephyr Films — raised $100,000 for the budget through Kickstarter, which is allowing for HanWay Films to sell God Help the Girl at Cannes. Production will kick off just a few weeks after that, an effort that Fanning will follow by shooting the 2014-bound Maleficent with Angelina Jolie.

I’ve got almost no prior experience with this band or their work — but, judging purely as a film, I can find some degree of appeal in what Girl may have to offer. Fanning‘s already in my favor, some quick searches of the music please my own sensibilities, and a good rock ‘n’ roll story is always welcome in my home. Even if, for instance, only two of those three things truly deliver, I’ll probably end up liking this, anyhow.

Have you listened to the album upon which God Help the Girl will take its influence? What do you think of this project in general?

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