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Elizabeth Banks and Paul Reubens Board ‘Frank or Francis’

Written by on January 27, 2012 

Frank or Francis lives! A mere day after Kate Winslet and Catherine Keener were added to the lineup, tonight brings further, promising casting for Charlie Kaufman‘s next. The first, from THR, concerns Elizabeth Banks, who will have something of a 40 Year Old Virgin reunion here; she’s signed to play “a highly-regarded actress making formulaic comedy bombs who is having an affair with [Steve] Carell’s Frank.” Kind of a small part — when compared to a few other options, that is — but a funny one at that. (This is also one of the characters I imagined Winslet or Keener might end up playing. A Romanian waitress may still lay in their future.)

Our second update comes courtesy of Variety, who inform us that Pee-Wee Herman (or “Paul Reubens“) has been cast as a film critic. While I don’t actually remember a ton of film critic roles in the screenplay — only ones that have quick, musical moments — it’s possible that a) I’ve simply forgotten, or b) am not aware of changes that have been made since. There’s no need to question the move, anyway.

With a cast now coming together at a regular speed, I must ask: when does Frank or Francis actually shoot? Neither story has any kind of update in that regard, but I’d think soon; it was originally slated to begin production this month — which was (obviously) set off for unknown reasons — but movies don’t just add actors if they aren’t getting ready. February, perhaps? That would work for me; I just want this to finally make its way out there.

Are you hopeful about Frank or Francis? What does this newest casting do for you?

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