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Elisabeth Moss, Ted Danson, and Mark Duplass Partner for ‘The One I Love’

Written by on March 7, 2013 

Just as I had pointed out a couple of days prior, the Mad Men stars, being the talents that they are, have been finding off-season, big-screen work with little trouble. And, so, right after Christina Hendricks made the news for doing as much, Deadline report that Elisabeth Moss has joined Ted Danson and Mark Duplass in signing for The One I Love, which will stand as the feature debut for Charlie (son of Malcolm) McDowell.

As scripted by Justin Lader — who also penned Fighting Jacob, a project the writer and director have struggled to get off the ground — the story follows a young, unhappy married couple (Moss and Duplass) who look toward a therapist (Danson) to try and figure things out. That’s all there is to say, and what’s been provided, as one can tell, is neither hugely descriptive nor able to convey much of relative note; nevertheless, we have three good screen presences doing (potentially) dramatic work together. If those behind the production happen to have little off the bat to sell us in terms of plot, The One I Love‘s stars can do some lifting.

No information has been provided when it comes to a production start time, though, as with Hendricks‘ project, I’d expect that to get going when Mad Men‘s sixth season wraps shooting.

Any reactions to this development? What do you make of the cast?

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