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Elijah Wood Going Back to ‘Sin City’ Territory for ‘Maniac’ Remake

Written by on November 5, 2011 

The Lord of the Rings helped establish a certain view of Elijah Wood in the public’s eyes — one that isn’t entirely unlike Frodo Baggins. While there are certainly worse ways most people could view you, it could make performances on different wavelengths harder to attain, yet all the more surprising. Case in point: Sin City. Wood‘s character in that film, the cannibalistic Kevin, was a complete revelation; I was completely knocked back by it when I first saw the movie, and subsequent rewatches still leave me shocked that it’s the same actor who (spoilers) destroyed the One Ring.

It’s said by BloodyDisgusting (and confirmed by Deadline) that he’ll have another opportunity to take on this kind of part in Maniac, an upcoming remake of the 1980 horror classic. This is set to be directed by P2‘s Franck Khalfoun and produced by Alexandre Aja & Gregory Lavasseur, with Safe House‘s Nora Arnezeder reportedly co-starring. The original — which, it should be pointed out, inspired the hit song “Maniac” that was later reworked for Flashdance — follows a man in New York City who scalps women, then uses their scalps and clothing to decorate mannequins in his apartment. Throw in some maternal issues, a love interest, and crazy hallucinations, and you’ve got yourself an enduring ’80s entry into the genre.

This won’t be a straight remake in at least one area, however, as BadassDigest report that the killing sequences will be told from the main character’s POV. This sounds like both an interesting way to separate itself from the original and, as they point out, a clever method of introducing some social commentary. You’re watching the killer commit his crimes, you’re part of the crimes, etc.

I don’t know anything about this director that they’re bringing in, so one major aspect is currently a question mark — but Wood is a fabulous choice to lead. Once again, it’s already evidenced in Sin City that he can channel creepy in a manner that feels nearly effortless; I’d love to see him explore this even further. With him transplanting this skill to here, along with the POV method, it could be an effective horror ride.

Are you a fan of Wood’s? How do you think he’d handle a starring role in a Maniac remake?

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