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Edgar Wrights Hints ‘Ant-Man’ Could Shoot This Year

Written by on May 15, 2012 

I want The World’s End more than… well, more than most things in this world. It might sound hyperbolic but, after two perfect comedies, a wonderful TV series, and years of waiting mixed in, the desire to see Edgar Wright, Simon Pegg, and Nick Frost collaborate is almost primal at this point. So, needless to say, last week’s announcement was one of the best film-related developments I’ve heard in the past year. Take all that into account; how do I react when that film might be delayed because Wright has another (still promising) effort in the pipeline?

I’m just a little conflicted, even if the following news is barely even concrete. In a podcast interview with Empire (via /Film), the British filmmaker indicated that the sped-up development on Ant-Man — a film that’s been moving longer than The World’s End, as a matter of fact — could (repeat: could) get in the way.

Here’s what he had to say about the current state of Ant-Man:

Things are happening, and other things are happening on other things as well. There’s some interesting plates spinning and I ideally hope I’ll be shooting this year.

Shooting two movies in one year is a big, big task — especially when one is a big-budget, demanding affair, the other a total passion project — which makes me think one would have to take up another’s time and resources. A little clarification comes from /Film; they did a quick follow-up with Wright, who said that, in hoping not to “jinx things,” he’ll “remain spectacularly vague” on the matter right now. This is not a man who needs to explain himself any further — I’d watch anything he does, for God’s sake — and I’m looking forward to either project; I just want to see The World’s End more.

What do you think Wright will handle next?

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