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Ed Harris and January Jones Drink the ‘Sweetwater’

Written by on April 17, 2012 

I would never say the western is “dead” — no genre ever truly goes away, when you think about it — but I’m sorry to say its glory days may be forever gone. And although Sweetwater, like every other recent entry, will probably not lead to some massive revival that makes the horses and guns tale vital again, is there any reason the thing can’t be pretty good in its own right?

Right from the start, things are at least looking okay. Deadline reports that January Jones will get to take off her fat suit when she and Ed Harris lead Sweetwater, which is now readying itself for a July start. Noah and Logan Miller — whose only prior feature, Touching Home, also starred Harris — are helming film, centered on a widow (Jones) in 1886 New Mexico who’s seeking to avenge the death of her husband at the hands of a sheep rancher; Harris has been tapped to play a helpful sheriff.

Say what you will about Jones — I’ll argue her characters are supposed to have a certain flatness, by the way — but I like pretty much everything that we’ve been told about Sweetwater thus far; I’m, to put it simply, a sucker for some good revenge stories set in the old west. Start there and we’re already off on the right foot, but Harris and Jones could help take everything just an extra step or two further. (Because feet… step.)

How does Sweetwater sound out of the gate?

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