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‘Drive’ Author Claims a Sequel Is Coming

Written by on June 2, 2012 

Okay: Don’t get yourself into a fit of thrills right this instant. It’s not outside the realm of possibility that you loved Drive, nor would I doubt that you find yourself gripped by the mere idea of a sequel. But it’s not a guaranteed, confirmed, or even entirely plausible thing. So, let it just be said that Drive author James Sallis (everybody forgets the movie was based on a book) told The Independent (via ThePlaylist) that his own follow-up, Driven, has been entered into “the movie pipeline.”

Whose pipeline? Where is this pipeline even located? Well, we don’t know. I shudder to think of a Drive sequel that isn’t directed by Nicolas Winding Refn and doesn’t star Ryan Gosling — which is my way of saying that they have to do it, or no deal — yet the latter’s always getting something thrown his way, while the former is accruing a little selection of items, too. It should count for something that Winding Refn has, on occasion, said a sequel wouldn’t be too outside the realm of possibility, but I don’t expect him to throw all these opportunities out the window for Driven, either.

The book, in case you’re curious, takes place about six years after the events involving Bernie Rose, putting Driver in Phoenix, Arizona, where he’s living under the name of “Paul West,” running a successful small business, and is engaged to be married. Driver is forced to recede after killing two men who murdered his own fiancée, yet must reemerge when signs of his old life come to light.

I’m sure Winding Refn and Gosling could make a great film out of it — you can also bet everything that I would see that right away — but I’m not building too much hope that this is ever coming to fruition. And, besides, it’s not as though we need more from a film that works perfectly when self-contained.

Do you think a Drive sequel will ever happen? Would you even want to see it?

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