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DreamWorks Heads to Remake Well With Canadian Comedy ‘Starbuck’

Written by on April 23, 2012 

I feel as though we haven’t got much remake news in some time — not that many complaints can be issued — but Variety reports that DreamWorks will Americanize Starbuck, the French-language, well-received Canadian comedy from co-writer and director Ken Scott. The studio’s even pegged him to return for the new version, a seemingly similar tale that’s already started casting and, in turn, should begin production sometime during the next couple of months.

Both films take the high-concept approach, opting to tell the tale of a middle-aged sperm donor shocked by the knowledge of his 533 children. If that weren’t enough — and, believe you me, that is for most — he’s faced with some heavy internal conflict when hundreds of those kids decide they would like to meet their absentee father. (The original also forced the main character to cope with his pregnant girlfriend. I’d expect that in this version.) Their CEO, Stacey Snider, wasn’t exactly kidding when she called it “a commercial remake with universal appeal.” I mean, that is a lot of kids.

Starbuck‘s the kind of zany, bordering on sitcom-y premise that DreamWorks could sell to a large audience — and while I’d normally hope they don’t tone down any potential raunchiness, the original had the equivalent of a G or PG rating in its native country. So it just needs to deliver the big laughs, while jokes about spreading the seed are possibly less of a concern.

Have you seen the original Starbuck, and if so, could it work for American audiences?

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