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Documentary ‘H. R. Giger’s Necronomicon and the Making of Alien’ Explores Mad Genius

Written by on May 13, 2014 

Yesterday marked the passing of H.R. Giger, a man whose vision of the macabre and grotesque has shaped science fiction cinema — particularly that of the horror variety — for some 35 years and into the foreseeable future. As a man best-known for the devices he put onscreen in Ridley Scott‘s Alien — creations later emulated (or often recycled without nearly the same imagination or inspiration) in sequels and that sort-of-prequel; expect the same of the lattermost’s own follow-up — he’s forever linked to the Xenomorph, Facehugger, and other such objects which would compel many an audience member to ask, “Who even thinks of this stuff?”

An in-depth answer can be found in H. R. Giger’s Necronomicon and the Making of Alien, which Cinephilia and Beyond tell us was “filmed in 1975-78 and had a very limited release overseas on VHS and LaserDisc.” It, as expected, takes us behind the scenes to shed some major light on the making of a classic, but bears an extra bit of poignancy in light of today’s recent news — the sight of a crazy genius who can contribute no longer. As far as tributes go, something that started nearly 45 years ago is as good as any.

Have a look at it below:

What did you make of this documentary? Have you been a fan of Giger’s work?

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