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‘Django Unchained’ Adds Catherine Lambert; Location Photos and News of Theme Song Arrive

Written by on December 16, 2011 

Updates on the Django Unchained front have been non-existent for an entire month, but Tarantino fans can rejoice — some great new stuff has come in. First up, AdelaideNow (via ThePlaylist) report that Australian entertainer and “International Jazz Diva” Catherine Lambert has been “handpicked” by QT for his Western.

Those of you who saw Lost in Translation (i.e., almost everyone) surely remember her appearance as the lounge singer who succumbs to the considerable charms of Bill Murray. Turns out the film, made by former Tarantino lover, Sofia Coppola, helped her get the part; as she told the outlet, “I met and sang karaoke with Quentin Tarantino when I went to LA in 2004 for the DVD launch of Lost In Translation” (photo evidence). Whatever gets you the job.

Lambert also told them that she’s “not sure about the corsets,” but is “really looking forward to this experience,” and has been “brushing up on her horse-riding skills.” None of those quotes give us great insight into who she’s playing, but here’s hoping the film gives her the chance to break out a song or two.

I have a pretty specific vision of Django in my head, thanks in no small part to Tarantino‘s visual preferences and portions of the script that I couldn’t resist giving a peek — but, aesthetically speaking, it’s all shots in the dark. Now, some light has been shed by producer Reginald Hudlin, who’s taken a few pictures from the location scouting

This is nothing all that revelatory or blood-pumping, though I’m happy to get a gander at the slave plantation and some chains in the sand; the latter is actually pretty great. Take a look below:

We’ve saved the most peculiar item for last. Dutch site RTLBoulevard have learned that singer Mick Harren has been approached by Tarantino to perform for Django — specifically, “a multilingual version of Frank Sinatra‘s ‘My Way.'” The song — originally penned by Paul Anka — has been a much-covered classic for more than four decades, with one of the most famous versions performed by Sid Vicious, and featured at the end of Goodfellas.

The director took an interest in Harren after seeing him perform on YouTube, and, in the words of the singer, “was impressed by my resemblance to Michael Madsen.” (I definitely see it.) Discussions will get underway soon, and it “seems to be serious.” How Tarantino will manage to incorporate a multilingual cover of “My Way” into a Western about slavery is a question I don’t have the capacity to answer, but I can’t wait to find out.

In the meantime, you can see Harren‘s cover of Neil Diamond‘s “Sweet Caroline” below. Maybe we can expect something along the lines of this:

Does the latest round of Django news make you even more excited for the film?

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