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Disney’s ‘Order of the Seven’ Grinds to a Halt

Written by on May 22, 2012 

We have another casualty in the recent averseness to big budgets. While Disney had already pulled in a director (Michael Gracey) and a star (Saoirse Ronan) on Order of the Seven — which was a Snow White movie, and, like that, wasn’t — THR has learned that the studio will be “indefinitely” putting a stop to all facets of production. That doesn’t mean the thing is dead, but those who were anticipating this with great fervor might, for their own good, want to find another large-scale extravaganza to channel their enthusiasm toward.

Strangely enough, it’s action taken on a project that’s been moving along at a normal pace these past few months; not only had Mark Fergus & Hawk Otsby been hired to rewrite Jayson Rothwell & Michael DeBruyn‘s script, but Disney was seeking to cast the seven outlaws who protect Ronan‘s character, Olivia Sinclair. If THR’s information is correct, they got cold feet after a) glancing at the $200 million loss on John Carter, and b) weighing the options of moving forward with such a big project, sans a studio head.

Where Order of the Seven goes from here is anyone’s guess — I doubt the higher-ups at Disney are even 100% sure — but if things heat up again, it’s only with a tighter budget and smaller scale. (This is not territory I have any desire to cover again, but you remember what happened with The Lone Ranger nine months ago. After script alterations and some salary cuts, that film’s slated to hit in about a year.) Not that I’m breaking any new ground by saying this, but a lower price tag is something studios could learn a thing or two about; if this helps them get closer to a larger realization, I’m perfectly content.

Were you anticipating Order of the Seven, and does this news leave you disappointed?

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