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Disney Hires Newcomer Dave Green to Direct Wolf Adventure Film

Written by on May 23, 2012 

“Wolf adventure.”

That’s the most descriptive pair of words being lobbed around for a new, untitled project over at Disney, which Variety says will be directed by debut helmer Dave Green. Andrew Panay is producing the project, which is expected to go before cameras this fall with a lower budget than some of their more prolific efforts; after tonight’s news, I’d argue that’s for the best.

Green, though still something of a lightweight, directed a few hit online videos in the past, such as Pinkberry: The Movie and, most recently, Staff Meeting Video: The Movie — which, nevertheless, still makes this the largest effort of his young career. Despite the fact that a couple of short, comedic pieces steeped in L.A. culture probably didn’t get him this job, there’s some basic skill on display in those videos. Now, to see if he can translate that into a tale of roving canines.

Can you generate any thoughts on the film this early out, or is this not enough information?

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