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Disney Buys Script ‘Ground Control’ for Seth Gordon; Taylor Sheridan Sells Screenplay With Peter Berg Circling

Written by on April 20, 2012 

Over at Deadline, we’re told that writer Jason Micallef (Butter) has managed to sell Disney the Bowie-inspired (well, at least the title) screenplay Ground Control to Major Tom. While almost everything pertinent about the script (reportedly a romantic comedy) has some kind of lid on it, the biggest news would be the directorial involvement of Seth Gordon — who, after last year’s Horrible Bosses, landed a WarGames reboot, the about-t0-shoot Identity Thief, The Has-Beens, and, now, this. Talk about a big career year, yes?

This news is so slight it can hardly be said to make a real impact as is, but I’ve generally liked Gordon‘s material up to this point; one more can’t really hurt. Michael De Luca, also of Butter, will be producing with Trevor Engelson and Josh McGuire of Underground.

Secondly, Deadline also inform us that Sidney Kimmel Entertainment and Peter Berg‘s Film 44 have just picked up a spec from Taylor Sheridan (Sons of Anarchy), with the director currently putting it into consideration for a future project. Titled Comancheria, it’s a nearly Bonnie and Clyde-like tale of “two brothers, one an ex-con and the other a divorced father of two kids,” who decide to withhold the foreclosure of their farm by robbing banks — only to come into contact with a pair of Texas Rangers that have their sights set on the siblings.

Berg‘s main stopgap in moving forward with Comancheria is, thankfully, not a sequel Battleship, but the Navy SEAL film Lone Survivor. It’d be enough if it was “only” something of a passion project for the guy — and, reading some details, I fully believe that’s the case — but there’s also a business side to the matter, seeing as he’s recently pulled in Mark Wahlberg, Taylor Kitsch, and Ben Foster. (It ultimately comes down to timing, but we’d be foolish to discount those factors as well.) I’d consider Berg a mostly reliable filmmaker, but a small-scale story of this sort might be better suited for someone with less of a blockbuster sensibility, anyway.

Do you see any promise in either script? How do you feel about these possible directing choices?

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